Help Desk Technician Alternative Careers and Similar Jobs Updated for 2023

You’ll receive assistance in everything from writing a powerful resume to preparing for an interview. You’ll also be plugged into our network of employers who have come to trust the quality of our graduates. You can also explore salary data on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. They will also give you a range so you can see not just the average but what the top earners in positions like this can make. Other positions will be inward facing and you’ll focus on helping an organization’s employees with their hardware and software problems.

  • Many of the skills you’ll learn can qualify you for a number of positions.
  • The program we’ve created here at CompTIA Career Tech Academy is designed to give you everything you need to become a help desk technician.
  • They provide you with the necessary support you need with all your assets and processes.
  • You will learn if you pay attention to what goes on around you and ask plenty of questions.
  • If the issue involves a user needing a copy of their Exchange .pst file, you will send the ticket to the Exchange Admin queue.

In contrast, help desk engineers make the biggest average salary, $67,498, in the finance industry. FieldEngineer can provide your business with a certified IT help desk engineer. IT help desk certifications help desk engineer mainly include college courses or apprenticeships. For IT help desk jobs, you could do an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship in IT support, or an infrastructure technician advanced apprenticeship.

essential skills you need in a help desk job

Gone are the days of walking through troubleshooting steps with customers over the phone. Thanks to new technology, many organizations have simpler systems in place for tech support to help customers. To get here, you have to have had lots of hands on experience, both with successful deployments and failed deployments.

how to become a help desk engineer

To properly assess an end user’s problem, you must ask specific questions about what they are experiencing. Consider yourself a detective who must gather the necessary facts in order to correctly examine any given technical issue. Also, keep in mind that analytical thinking is a transferrable talent that can help you thrive in various professions.

What Skills are Required to Work with Help Desk System?

Help desk technicians are vital to the IT workforce, as they keep the technologies that organizations rely on to do business up-to-date and running smoothly. However, if you decide to move forward, becoming a help desk technician is a great place to start a rewarding career in tech. You might be wondering, though, how you can become a help desk technician. In this article, we’ll clearly explain the basics you need to know, including what a help desk technician does, how much you might make, and the qualifications you’ll need. We’ll close with the practical next steps you can take to get started. By selecting “Submit,” I authorize Rasmussen University to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided.

  • Demand for help desk technicians will rise as organizations continue to implement the latest and greatest computer systems to reduce long-term costs and foster a competitive advantage.
  • The more efficiently you cooperate with individuals who can assist you in completing your responsibilities, the more you will be able to achieve.
  • This career is accessible to most people who have a knack for technology and some basic training.
  • Before considering pursuing a help desk position, however, it’s reasonable to find out something about your potential income so you can make sure a job in this field will support you.
  • If you’ve ever had an issue with your smartphone, tablet or computer and have had to call a technical support number for help solving your issue, then you have likely spoken to a help desk specialist.