The 10 Richest People of All Time

who are the five richest people in the world

It was revealed in July 2020 that Ortega’s property holdings, through his investment company Pontegadea, were worth $17.2 billion. Ortega is the executive chairman of Pontegadea, and real estate assets in his portfolio include Manhattan’s Haughwout Building and Southeast Financial Center. In 2019, the company completed a $72.5 million deal for a downtown Chicago hotel, which followed purchases of a building in Washington’s central business district and two Seattle office buildings.

  • Vietnam is the forty-third country with the most billionaires, with 4 billionaires.
  • Singapore’s economy is highly developed and diversified, with a strong focus on financial services, technology, and manufacturing.
  • In February 2006, Zhang became the fifth employee and the first engineer at the travel website Kuxun, and he was promoted to technical director a year later.
  • He went on to graduate from Columbia Business School, where he molded his investment philosophy around the concept of value investing pioneered by Benjamin Graham.
  • The billionaire rate in Nigeria is 0.01, which is relatively low compared to other countries.
  • Page cofounded search engine Google with fellow Stanford PhD student Sergey Brin in 1998 and served as CEO until 2001 and from 2011 to 2015.
  • Legendary investor Warren Buffett is betting on a strong housing market recovery.

Shares of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway are up more than 7% so far this year thanks largely to the investor’s belief in diversification. Though 44% of Berkshire’s portfolio is made up of Apple — which itself is down 10% this year — it is widely diversified and has allowed the firm to weather tech sell-offs. Unlike the other members of the top five who have all lost money this year, Buffett’s fortune has grown by $7.8 billion in 2022. In comparison, Musk, the world’s richest man, has lost $62 billion, while Gates has lost a comparatively modest $12.5 billion. In Thursday, June 8’s trading, Tesla stock showed a remarkable rally of 4.6%, reaching $235 per share and extending its winning streak to 10 consecutive days. This put Tesla on track to achieve its highest closing share price since October 6, 2022.


After co-founding Google with Larry Page in 1998, Brin became Google’s president of technology when Eric Schmidt took over as CEO in 2001. He held the same post at the Alphabet holding company after it was established in 2015, stepping down in 2019 when Sundar Pichai took over as CEO. The most famous living value investor, Warren Buffett filed his first tax return in 1944 at age 14, declaring earnings from his boyhood paper route. He first bought shares in a textile company called Berkshire Hathaway in 1962, becoming the majority shareholder by 1965. Buffett expanded the company’s holdings to insurance and other investments in 1967. Ballmer owns an estimated 4% of Microsoft, making him the software giant’s largest individual shareholder.

Who are the top 5 richest kids?

  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge: Net worth $5 billion.
  • Prince George Alexander Louis: Net worth $3.6.
  • Blue Ivy Carter: Net worth $1 billion.
  • Stormi Webster: Net worth $726 million.
  • Prince Louis of Cambridge: Net worth $400 million.
  • Valentina Paloma Pinault: Net Worth Over $12 million.

It all started when Bezos was working on Wall Street and saw a gap in the market for selling products online and its potential. After selling books, he branched out to other products, such as household goods and electronics, and the success came from his business model, focusing on great customer service and low prices. Profit and prosper with the best of expert advice on investing, taxes, retirement, personal finance and more – straight to your e-mail. Gates relinquished his duties at Microsoft to focus on philanthropy through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Habits That Helped Bill Gates Build His $110 Billion Fortune

He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by studying mathematics, as well as computer science. Slim has been publicly skeptical of The Giving Pledge by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett giving away at least half of their fortunes. But—according to his spokesman—he devoted US$4 billion, or roughly 5%, to his Carlos Slim foundation as of 2011. The son of Michigan State University computer science professor Dr. Carl Victor Page, Larry’s love of computers began at age six. While following in his father’s footsteps in academics, he became an honors graduate from the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering, with a concentration on computer engineering.

The company is valued at approximately $137 billion and its value is four times more than it was three years ago, says Forbes. One result that may come as a surprise is Elon Musk who is back in the top spot — despite his Twitter woes — with an estimated wealth of around $238.5 billion, according to Forbes. The entrepreneur has accumulated his wealth from his involvement in companies such as Tesla and SpaceX.

The myth of the “self-made” richest men in the world

This explains why reports often show different percentages of billionaires who are self-made, ranging from 55% to 72%. She has worked for her local news outlet, the Leicester Mercury as well as writing personal finance stories for digital publications, The Money Edit, MoneyWeek and GoodToKnow. When she is not writing about money-saving, deals, finance hacks and other personal finance topics, Vaishali likes to travel and she’s a foodie. Musk’s other venture, SpaceX, was founded in 2002 and aims to make space travel accessible and affordable for all.

who are the five richest people in the world

China’s Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) was one of the most economically powerful empires of all time. According to Prof. Ronald A. Edwards, a Chinese economic historian of the Song Dynasty at Tamkang University, the nation accounted for between 25% and 30% of the world’s economic output during its peak. Rockefeller gets all the press, but Andrew Carnegie may be the richest American of all time. GDP at the time, giving Carnegie economic power equivalent to $372 billion in 2014.

Oracle has acquired numerous large companies over its history, such as Sun Microsystems and Cerner. In 1977, Ellison founded Software Development Laboratories alongside Oates and Miner. Two years later, the company released Oracle, the first commercial relational database program to use Structured Query Language. The database program proved so popular that SDL would change its name to Oracle Systems Corporation in 1982. He joined Tesla’s board in Dec. 2018 and stepped down in June 2022. Some tales of his famous pilgrimage to Mecca—during which Musa’s spending was so lavish that it caused a currency crisis in Egypt—mention dozens of camels each carrying hundreds of pounds of gold.

As of July 1, Zuckerberg is the world’s ninth richest, worth nearly $102 billion, per Forbes’ estimates. Like several of the tech billionaires on this list, Larry Page embarked on his path to fame and fortune in a college dorm room. While attending Stanford University in 1995, Page and his friend Sergey Brin came up with the idea of improving Internet data extraction. The duo devised a new search engine technology they dubbed Backrub after its ability to assess links to a page. In the run-up to the buyout announcement, Musk sold 9.6 million shares of Tesla, valued at roughly $8.5 billion.

If the median net worth of households in the United States is approximately $120,000, a trillionaire would have an amount of money that is equal to more than 8 million times that of the typical American family. Clearly, this is an amount of money that most people struggle to conceptualize. He is the founder of Microsoft, and he is heavily involved in philanthropic efforts. Over a quarter of the world’s billionaires live in the United States.

who are the five richest people in the world

On January 31, 2007, Dell returned as CEO at the request of the board, succeeding Rollins. Michael Saul Dell is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies, one of the world’s largest technology infrastructure companies. Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is one of the most successful investors in the world and has a net worth of over $110 billion as of January 2023, making him the world’s fourth-wealthiest person. Late last year, Forbes released its list of the 400 richest people in the U.S.

Widely known as the Oracle of Omaha, Buffett is a buy-and-hold investor who built his fortune by acquiring undervalued companies. More recently, Berkshire Hathaway has invested in large, well-known companies. Its portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries includes interests in insurance, energy distribution, and railroads as well as consumer products. Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk to force the buyout to go through. Musk countersued the company but then reversed course and declared he was willing to buy Twitter after all. The deal officially closed in Oct. 2022, giving him a 79% stake in the company.

Sergey has been a featured speaker at several international academic, business and technology forums, including the World Economic Forum and the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference. He has shared his views on the technology industry and the future of search on the Charlie Rose Show, CNBC, and CNNfn. In 2004, he and Larry Page were named “Persons of the Week” by ABC World News Tonight. He remains an Alphabet board member, employee, and controlling shareholder. Zuckerberg’s prominence in the technology industry has prompted political and legal attention. The founding of Facebook involved Zuckerberg in multiple lawsuits regarding the creation and ownership of the website.