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By having the courage to follow their dreams and intuition, entrepreneurs chart the course of their magical journey. His mother insists that he take a break from his business and complete his education. You can’t blame her; after all, Agarwal dropped out of college over five years ago. The company is now setting footprints in China, England, Malaysia, Nepal, and Indonesia.

She has won the Young Chef Award, the Times Food Award, and even been acclaimed as ‘Indian of the Year’ in the hospitality sector. He has also established Paytm Mall for easy online shopping, supplying various products. It also provides discounts and cashbacks on bill payments and many more services. Ritesh Aggarwal was rewarded at the second rank in the world in the list of the youngest self-made billionaires of the world at the age of 17. LogiNext is backed by Alibaba-funded Paytm and the Indian Angel Network; it has raised more than $10 Million as an investment to date. LogiNext has achieved exponential success in a very short span of time and is set to exceed 300% in growth by the end of 2020.

WhatsApp Founder Story – Success Story of WhatsApp

At the age of 18, Mohanlal made his acting debut in the Malayalam film Thiranottam in 1978; however, the film’s premiere was postponed for 25 years due to censorship concerns. He made his acting debut as the antagonist in the 1980 romantic movie Manjil Virinja Pookkal. In the ensuing years, he progressed to secondary starring roles while still playing villains. Earlier in 2010, Gaurav had started a youtube channel by the same name. Byju’s on its launch was an in-person online education platform which offered educational support to students after school. Born in 1987 in Bengaluru, Divya Gokulnath is an educator and an entrepreneur.

  • Farrhad is the founder of the famous web-developing firm called Cybenetiv Digital and Rockstah Media.
  • Chitra previously worked at SAP and Infosys as a software engineer.
  • It was when Sadani had her first child and moved back to India from the UK that she experienced difficulties in finding chemical-free, quality products in the country.
  • Dreaming big is not enough; you must have the calmness and endurance to surpass all the obstacles.
  • The story behind the inception of Ola Cabs is an interesting one.

A lot of people cannot believe that a 10-year-old kid can create such as amazing app and company called ‘GoDimensions’. They started this development unit at their home in Chennai in 2011, and today they have created 11 gaming apps. You must have heard this young Entrepreneur’s name a lot of times, but do you know his age and idea?

The idea was inspired from his own struggle to find the right mentors, investors and connect with other entrepreneurs in his early days of entrepreneurship. SCOPE is a new-age holistic platform that brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and industry experts. Sreelakshmi Suresh, Founder eDesignSreelakshmi is the youngest woman entrepreneur in India. Sreelakshmi became the youngest web designer-cum-CEO in the world in 2020 at the age of 21. She designed and developed the official website of her school located in Kozhikode when she was only 8 years old. Sreelakshmi has received many national and international awards.

Sugandha has worked with companies like Infosys, Oracle, and Google Maps before founding Docttocare. Sugandha is an electrical & communication engineer by qualification. She manages a team of 15 people who make Docttocare better every day. Sugandha Agarwal, Founder of DocttocareSugandha is one of the youngest businesswomen in India and the founder of Docttocare.

Founder of: mydala

Embibe is an educational technology company based in Bangalore. Aditi has an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In the year 2013, she was awarded one of India’s topmost honours, the Padma Shri, for her immense contribution to Trade & Industry.

These young entrepreneurs have a unique ability to identify business opportunities in everyday life situations that often go unnoticed by ordinary individuals. Their remarkable success stories demonstrate the power of a single idea, and how it can transform one’s life. As the saying goes, “An idea can change your life,” and these young entrepreneurs are a living testament to its truth. Their ability to see potential where others do not, and their unwavering dedication to turning their ideas into reality, is what sets them apart from the rest. India has witnessed a remarkable surge in entrepreneurship in recent years, with young entrepreneurs leading the charge.

Awesome Things You Can Learn From these successful Entrepreneurs in 2020

In his short professional life, he saw massive ups and downs but has come up with a unique product within the advisory services domain. His firm aims to give the right direction to casual investors and make them professional traders through financial advisory services. He learned the skill of ethical hacking at his teenage and dropped school to write the book ‘The Hacking Era’. Later, he started working for Indian Police on cyber crime cases. He faced failures, took risks and stood up to face the consequences and challenges.

Top 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India – Scoopearth

Top 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India.

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Suchi Mukherjee, Founder of LimeRoadSuchi Mukherjee founded LimeRoad in 2012. LimeRoad is a social-commerce site where products are shared and sold. These offerings are targeted directly toward the woman’s community. Suchi Mukherjee studied economics at the School of Cambridge and completed her master’s degree in economics and finance in London. She was part of the early team building out the UK business for eBay, an executive management team member at Skype, and a managing director at Gumtree.

Kavita Shukla is one of the Young Indian Female Entrepreneurs who has been successful in impressing a large number of people all around the world with her tale of humble origins, empowerment and concept. She has four patents and is the world’s youngest woman to receive the INDEX Design to Improve Life Award, the world’s most prestigious design accolade. Farmers and families all around the world utilise FRESHPAPER, and The FRESHGLOW Co. has worked with some of the world’s top stores, including Whole Foods and Walmart. Many of us didn’t even know what a computer was when we were 3. However, Sreelakshmi was a gifted girl who was operating the computer at the same age.

Owner Of Coca-Cola

Swiggy was not the first entrepreneurial adventure of the two founders. As a young boy from a small town in Bihar, Rohit did not have access to a lot of resources. Not one to hog the limelight all by himself, Rohit offered to tutor others to achieve success. This gave him the idea to start a school that will help young achievers and thus, at the young age of 14, he founded Maytree School of Entrepreneurship. Advait is a young tech entrepreneur who is changing the world. He founded his own tech company Apex Infosys when he was 12 years old.

Saha Fund promotes and invests in women-led ventures and firms making strides in technology and innovation. Saha Funds has made investments in India, Asia, the UK, and the US. Over the last ten years, GCPL’s market capitalization has increased twenty-fold and GCPL has developed a strong, engaged, and ambitious team.

Innale Vare (Movie) Wiki, Storyline, Release Date, Cast and more – Shouting Stars

Innale Vare (Movie) Wiki, Storyline, Release Date, Cast and more.

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VLCC is a globally recognized name in the beauty, health, and fitness industry. Mrs Luthra had humble beginnings in 1989 with the opening of a beauty and slimming services centre in New Delhi. This centre ran weight management programs along with cutting-edge skin and hair treatments.

Entrepreneurs Who Built Their Fortunes From Nothing

Alongside a profitable music profession, Rihanna is well known for her involvement in humanitarian causes, entrepreneurial ventures, and the style business. Bill Gates is one of the most famous entrepreneurs of our era. The richest man in the world, Gates has a net worth estimated to be over $79 billion. He’s held the title of “world’s wealthiest individual” for 16 of the past 21 years. This same period witnessed a dramatic increase in empirical research on entrepreneurship.



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A lot of kids don’t even know what a computer is at the age of 3, but she started operating a computer at that age. Now, he has become a magazine publisher, author, and speaker, and he also organizes conferences for teenagers by the name Createens. In his sessions or conference, he teaches the youth about blogging, design, modern entrepreneurship, and much more from experts from all parts of the World. It is an online courier company that delivers documents and letters to offices in Mumbai in a day.

After viewing the video on Facebook, many sreelakshmi suresh net worth have been criticizing Mohanlal for acting in such a way in public. But the Mohanlal and Shruti Hassan video that has gone viral on social media has been edited. The clips are skillfully combined to give the impression that they occurred simultaneously while, in reality, they are all from separate incidents that occurred at various periods. One of Mohanlal’s eagerly anticipated projects is the upcoming action thriller written and directed by Jeethu Joseph. For the first time, the renowned actor Mohanlal will collaborate on the film L353 with a first-time filmmaker.


Menstruation was often a painful time she had to go through without any help to alleviate the pain. In a country like India where most women aren’t encouraged to think big , there are some who have soared higher than one would expect in a constrictive setup. Almost 57% of these women started out solo, i.e., without any other member. Divya Gandotra Tandon is a well-known 19 years old tech Youtuber and female entrepreneur. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering from the Prince Institute of Innovative Technology , Noida, India.

During his college days, his favorite games were Age of Empires (a series of historical real-time strategy games) and Quake III Arena (multiplayer-focused first-person shooter game). The founder duo of Sachin and Binny Bansal were nominated for the best entrepreneur award by Ernst and Young award. Interestingly, the new app will offer personalized learning programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters from Disney Princess, Frozen, Cars, and Toy Story franchises. Making it bigger and better was his motto from day one of starting his teaching journey.

The money didn’t stop there and investors continued to trust their funding as far as Sept 2020, the year of the pandemic – getting an accumulative investment of $1.93 billion. It was the group of 8 of his students who helped him set up the Byju app – an app that has changed the landscape of the EdTech industry in India. I know, there have been a lot of startup failures in India in the last 2 years but not all is dark and gloomy. Vinusha bakes and sells cupcakes inspired by the four seasons. She is scaling up her business and has already launched a baking kit that comes complete with ingredients and recipes, homemade chocolates, sandwiches and more. One of the chefs at the heart of this beloved Parsi chain, Dhondy joined as a chef-cum-manager at the age of 22 and went on to become its partner at the age of 28.

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